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About this Course

This is a complete packaged course on soft skills, which aims at enhancing the personality development skills of the learner. The learner can access nine individual courses under this consolidated programme, and will be awarded an individual certificate for each course.

This packaged course covers basic interpersonal skills, non-verbal, verbal and written communication, interview attending skills and business & social etiquette.
This packaged programme will help you improve your interpersonal, social and communication skills, and in the process empower you as an individual.

Who would benefit?

  • Students and freshers who are preparing to take up employment.
  • Working professionals and business persons will also benefit.

What will you learn

The importance of Personal Development skills
How to draft an effective mail with an appropriate subject line
How to actively participate in a group discussion and make an impression
The importance of non-verbal and verbal communication


Duration : 9 Weeks

Commitment: 18 Hours


Language : English

Course Format : Online Self-paced


What are the learning methods implemented in this packaged course? 

You need about 2 hours of time to complete each course.

Do I get a certificate on completing this packaged course?


You will not get one certificate for this course. You will get nine verified certificates for each of the nine courses under this packaged course provided you complete the assessments of each of the courses.

Are the exams/tests in this packaged course compulsory? 

The assessments in each of the nine courses are compulsory and must be completed successfully to get the course completion certificate.
Do I need to go to a specific location to appear for exams/tests?
Assessments at the end of the course are to be completed online.

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