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What is Coin Payz

Coin Payz is a leading platform offering free cryptocurrency services. Since its launch on November 29, 2020, CoinPayz has consistently aimed to be the best in the industry. With the trust of over 120,000 users, the platform is dedicated to providing the best user experience in the realm of cryptocurrency.

Coin Payz is a user-friendly platform dedicated to providing free cryptocurrency. Continuously enhancing its system for an improved user experience, Coin Payz features an easy-to-use interface, diverse methods suitable for all users, and instant payment options.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Diverse methods catering to all users
  • Swift and instant payment options

What are the earning methods

Claiming & Clicking:

Mining Opportunities:

Task Completion:


Bonus Rewards:

Referral Benefits:

Weekly Contests:

How to earn money from Coin Payz

Faucet, PTC, Shortlink: Claim free coins through simple steps involving Faucet, PTC (Paid-to-Click), and Shortlink activities.

Mining: Utilize your device for easy crypto mining.


Offers & Surveys: Complete high-reward tasks and surveys in just a few minutes.

Bonus System: Level up and receive daily login bonuses to boost your earnings.

Referral System: Invite new members and enjoy a lifetime 10% bonus from their earnings.

Weekly Contests: Participate in contests tailored for everyone, rewarding the most active members each week.

How to withdraw Coin Payz



Accumulate earnings by engaging in various activities such as completing tasks, surveys, or any other specified methods on the website.

Navigate to Your Wallet:

Locate and access your user wallet or account dashboard on the website.

Check Available Balance:

Ensure that you have a sufficient balance in your wallet to initiate a withdrawal.


Choose Payout Method:

Look for the withdrawal or payout section within your account settings. Select the preferred withdrawal method from the available options.

Specify Withdrawal Amount:

Enter the desired amount you wish to withdraw. Some platforms may have minimum withdrawal requirements.

Select Currency:


If applicable, choose the currency in which you want to receive your funds. Ensure accuracy to avoid any processing issues.

Confirm and Submit:

Review your withdrawal details to make sure everything is correct. Confirm your request and submit it for processing.

Wait for Processing:

The platform will process your withdrawal request. The time taken for processing may vary depending on the platform and chosen withdrawal method.


Receive Confirmation:

Once processed, you’ll likely receive a confirmation notification. Check your email or notifications on the platform for updates.

Verify Your Withdrawal:

If required, complete any additional verification steps that may be part of the withdrawal process.

Receive Funds:


After successful processing, your funds will be transferred to your chosen withdrawal method, and you should receive the funds accordingly.

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