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What is is an online advertising platform that allows website owners to monetize their traffic by displaying ads on their websites. It offers various advertising formats, including pop-ups, pop-unders, and banners. Users can sign up for as publishers to earn revenue by displaying these ads on their websites.

Advertisers can also use to promote their products or services by creating ad campaigns that target specific audiences. Overall, provides a way for both advertisers and publishers to benefit from online advertising.

How does work? works as a platform connecting advertisers with publishers to facilitate online advertising. Here’s an overview of how it typically operates:

Advertisers: Advertisers create ad campaigns on’s platform. They specify the target audience, budget, ad format (such as pop-ups, pop-unders, or banners), and other parameters to tailor their campaigns.

Publishers: Website owners or publishers sign up with and integrate the platform’s code into their websites. This code allows to display ads on the publishers’ websites.


Ad Display: When a user visits a website with’s code installed, the platform’s ad-serving technology determines the most relevant ad to display based on the advertiser’s targeting criteria. The ad is then shown to the visitor through pop-ups, pop-unders, banners, or other formats.

User Interaction: Users interact with the ads by clicking on them or performing other specified actions. This engagement can vary depending on the advertiser’s goals, such as driving traffic to their website, generating leads, or making sales.

Revenue Generation: Publishers earn revenue based on the interactions with the ads displayed on their websites. typically pays publishers based on metrics like clicks, impressions, or conversions, depending on the advertising model chosen by the advertiser.

Analytics and Reporting: provides both advertisers and publishers with analytics and reporting tools to track the performance of their campaigns. Advertisers can monitor metrics such as impressions, clicks, and conversions, while publishers can track their earnings and website traffic data.

How can I earn money with

To earn money with, you can sign up as a publisher and follow these steps:


Register: Visit the website and sign up for an account as a publisher.

Add Your Website: After registering, add your website(s) to your account. You’ll need to provide basic information about your website, such as its URL and category.

Get the Code: will provide you with a code snippet that you need to integrate into your website’s HTML code. This code allows to display ads on your website.

Place the Code: Paste the provided code snippet into the HTML of your website where you want the ads to appear. You can customize the placement and appearance of the ads to suit your website’s design and layout.

Monetize Your Traffic: Once the code is added and activated on your website, will start displaying ads to your visitors. You’ll earn money based on the interactions with these ads, such as clicks, impressions, or conversions, depending on the advertising model chosen by the advertiser.


Track Your Earnings: Monitor your earnings and performance through your account dashboard. You’ll be able to see detailed analytics and reports showing metrics such as impressions, clicks, and earnings.

Optimize: Continuously optimize your website and ad placements to maximize your earnings. Experiment with different ad formats, placements, and targeting options to find what works best for your audience.

Receive Payments: typically pays publishers on a regular basis, either through bank transfers, PayPal, or other payment methods supported by the platform. Make sure to set up your payment preferences and provide accurate payment details to receive your earnings.

Is available in India? is available globally, including in India. However, availability of specific features, payment methods, or support may vary depending on your location. It’s recommended to visit the website or contact their support team directly to confirm current availability and any country-specific restrictions or requirements.

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In conclusion, offers a straightforward and accessible platform for both advertisers and publishers to engage in online advertising. With its variety of ad formats, targeting options, and reporting tools, provides flexibility and control to users seeking to monetize their website traffic or promote their products and services.


While the platform’s effectiveness may vary depending on factors such as website traffic and audience engagement,’s global availability and user-friendly interface make it a viable option for those looking to generate revenue or reach their target audience through online advertising.

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