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PTC (Paid-to-Click) sites exist primarily to facilitate online advertising and generate revenue for advertisers. They offer a platform where advertisers can showcase their products or services to a targeted audience, and users can earn money by viewing these advertisements. PTC sites serve as intermediaries between advertisers and users, providing a cost-effective way for businesses to promote their offerings while compensating users for their time and attention. Additionally, PTC sites may offer other earning opportunities, such as completing tasks or participating in surveys, to attract and retain users.

What is PTC Share

At PTCShare, we’ve crafted a platform that blends effective advertising with lucrative business opportunities. While our primary focus is on helping individuals earn money online, we also prioritize providing valuable advertising solutions. As a Paid-To-Click platform, members receive compensation for viewing ads for brief durations. What sets us apart is our unique system that allows users to earn based on their level of engagement within the platform. : from ptcshare website

How it works

PTCShare is a Paid-To-Click (PTC) platform where users can earn money by viewing advertisements for a few seconds. Users simply need to sign up, log in to their account, and start clicking on ads to earn money. Additionally, users can also earn through various other tasks such as completing surveys, playing games, and referring others to the platform.

The amount users can earn on PTCShare depends on several factors, including the number of ads available, the user’s level of activity, and their referrals’ activity. Generally, users can expect to earn a few cents per ad click, with potential for higher earnings through referrals and other tasks. However, the exact earnings vary and may not be substantial compared to other online earning opportunities.

Earning methods

Clicking on advertisements: Users can earn money by viewing advertisements for a specified duration.


Completing surveys: Users can participate in surveys provided by third-party survey providers to earn rewards.

Playing games: PTCShare offers users the opportunity to earn rewards by playing games available on the platform.

Referring others: Users can increase their earnings by referring friends and others to join PTCShare using their referral link.

Other tasks: The platform may offer additional earning opportunities such as watching videos, completing offers, or participating in contests.

How to work

In the Paid Ads section, visitors can access Activation Ads to accumulate Bonus Ad Points. Alternatively, they have the option to purchase Bulk Ads to expedite their BAP Group Level advancement.


Ad Issues are manually distributed in the morning (server time). Users should periodically check for the delivery of Paid Ads to their account. It’s important to note that each Paid Ad consumes BAP upon receipt.

PTCShare offers additional earning opportunities, such as Cash Offers, which involve completing simple tasks provided by third parties. These tasks have unlimited earning potential, encouraging users to check them frequently.

Users can also earn by referring others to join PTCShare, earning a commission from their advertising purchases and Paid Ad views. Additionally, referrals grant access to an exclusive section of the Ad Issue.

Website link

In conclusion, PTCShare offers multiple opportunities for users to earn money through viewing ads, completing tasks, and referring others. While individual earnings may vary, active participation and successful referrals can contribute to a steady income stream. With its user-friendly interface and various earning options, PTCShare provides a platform for individuals looking to supplement their income online.

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