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What is AI training job

An AI training job typically involves tasks related to preparing and curating datasets for training artificial intelligence (AI) models. The process of training an AI model involves exposing it to labeled data, allowing the algorithm to learn patterns and make predictions or classifications. Here are key aspects of an AI training job:

Data Annotation:

AI training often requires annotating or labeling data. This could involve adding tags, markers, or annotations to different elements in a dataset, such as images, text, or audio.

Dataset Preparation:

The job may involve preparing datasets for training by organizing, cleaning, and formatting the data to make it suitable for input into machine learning algorithms.


Quality Control:

Ensuring the quality and accuracy of labeled data is crucial. AI trainers may review and validate annotations to maintain high-quality datasets, which directly impact the performance of the AI model.

Algorithm Optimization:

AI trainers may work closely with machine learning engineers or data scientists to optimize algorithms. This could involve fine-tuning parameters or adjusting the model architecture based on the performance observed during training.

Feedback Loop:


Providing feedback on the performance of the AI model is part of the training process. This feedback helps improve the model’s accuracy and effectiveness over time.

Continuous Learning:

The field of AI is dynamic, and AI trainers may need to stay updated on new techniques and methodologies in machine learning to contribute effectively to the training process.

AI training jobs are crucial for developing accurate and robust machine learning models. Individuals in these roles play a key part in shaping the capabilities of AI systems by providing them with the necessary knowledge through labeled datasets. The specific responsibilities can vary based on the organization, the type of AI model being trained, and the nature of the data involved.

AI related job

If you are being compensated for training an AI system, you are likely involved in a role related to AI development, specifically in the domain of machine learning and data annotation. Here are a few possible job titles or roles that might encompass such activities:


Data Annotator/Labeler:

This role involves labeling or annotating datasets to train machine learning models. It includes tasks such as tagging images, classifying data, or providing annotations for various types of data.

AI Trainer:

An AI Trainer is someone who prepares and curates datasets to train AI models. This can involve organizing, cleaning, and annotating data to enhance the performance of machine learning algorithms.

Data Scientist/Engineer:


Data scientists and engineers work with data to build and improve machine learning models. They may be involved in collecting, preparing, and labeling datasets for training purposes.

Machine Learning Engineer:

Machine learning engineers are responsible for designing and implementing machine learning systems. This includes training models, optimizing algorithms, and working with large datasets.

AI Research Assistant:

In research settings, individuals might work as assistants in AI projects, contributing to the development and improvement of machine learning models through data preparation and annotation.


Crowdsourcing Specialist:

Some organizations use crowdsourcing platforms to gather labeled data for training AI. Specialists in this area oversee the process of obtaining high-quality labeled data from a distributed workforce.

What is Neevo AI?

In the realm of AI, human input is crucial for interpreting and instructing models about various aspects of the world. For instance, one company might seek your assistance in providing data to ensure that voice assistants can accurately distinguish between commands like “call Tom” and “call Mom.” Another company might be focused on refining their chatbots to comprehend that phrases such as “How much money is in my account?” and “I want to check my balance” convey the same meaning. These examples represent just a fraction of the diverse tasks you might encounter.

As a contributor on Neevo, you can proudly share that your efforts contribute to the launch of new products by top tech companies, combat algorithmic bias, and refine some of the most widely-used technologies globally.

Why Join?

On Neevo, you have the opportunity to earn additional income during your daily commute, while waiting for your morning coffee, or even during a commercial break, thanks to mobile-friendly tasks. Your contributions play a pivotal role in enhancing the AI technology integral to your everyday life.


What You’ll Do

Tasks include activities such as verifying if transcriptions align with their respective recordings and rectifying any errors, identifying key elements in text such as people, places, and things, and categorizing images based on specific characteristics, among various others.

What You’ll Get Paid

While payment varies depending on the task, Neevo Contributors typically earn an average of $20 per hour.

Rs.1660 / hour

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