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GigIndia is India’s Largest Freelance Workforce with 750,000+ registered users across 35+ cities & 100+ Large Companies in India. We’re a VC backed startup & were chosen in the Tech30 Startups by YourStory in 2019.

About this Company

51-200 employees working

Internet Publishing company

International projects

About the job

We are looking for suitable Telesales Consultants to work on multiple projects available at Gigindia, remotely (work from home).


Telesales Consultant

Job type


Entry level





Student (Currently studying)

Job-Seeker (Recently graduated and now looking for a job)


Unemployed (Lost previous job)

Job Change (Currently working somewhere, but looking for new opportunities.)


Working Hours per day

0-2 Hours, 2-4 Hours, 4-6 Hours, 6-8 Hours


GigIndia Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India (Remote) 2 days ago. 25 applicants

Work from home jobs

Remote jobs

Language known

Tamil – must, English – Basic level, Hindi / other language – added advantage



1. Time-Minimum 7-8 Hours / Day (Remote – WFH consultancy)

2. An android Smartphone (with strong internet connectivity)

Earning Potential

Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 20,000 per month (Completely based on targets and performance, no fixed payout applicable)

Project Details

1. To contact leads via telecalling to inform them about a product or service in an engaging manner.


2. To complete the tasks and targets achieved everyday.

3. To understand the requirement of the project and work accordingly.

Steps to Apply

1. Fill this form below with correct and honest answers.

2. Send this all information to this email ID :

2. Based on your responses, our selection team will give you a call to discuss further.


3. Post final selection, training and onboarding process will be shared with you.

How to fill this form

Name : Enter your full name

Email : Enter your email address

Phone number : Enter your phone numer

Whatsapp number : If your WhatsApp Number is different (We will use this number to share updates about further interview processes)


What languages are you fluent in : Eg, Tamil , english, hindi etc.

What do you do currently : Select any one answer

  • Student (Currently studying)
  • Job-Seeker (Recently graduated and now looking for a job)
  • Home-maker
  • Unemployed (Lost previous job)
  • Job Change (Currently working somewhere, but looking for new opportunities.)

How many Hours do you want to work everyday?: Select any one answer

  • 0-2 Hours
  • 2-4 Hours
  • 4-6 Hours
  • 6-8 Hours

Do you have both an android phone and WIFI/Internet availability : Select any one answer

  • I have an android phone and Internet both
  • I only have an android phone
  • I only have Internet
  • I don’t have either of these

Do you have a Laptop : Select any one answer


Yes / No

Are you comfortable to work everyday as per targets given to you : Select any one answer

Yes / No

According to you, what is the most important thing while selling a product : Select any one answer

  • How good the product is
  • How much discount is offered
  • How well do you convince the customer on call
  • Whether the customer is Interested or not

How do you see Rejection in life : Select any one answer

  • I feel disappointed
  • I feel angry
  • I don’t care
  • I learn from it and move ahead

submit this form

Once form mail reply receive , you can forward to this email ID :

Important link

Notification / Application form link : Click here

Offical Website link : Click here

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