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What is CoinpayU

CoinPayU is an online platform that allows users to earn cryptocurrency by participating in various activities. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, CoinPayU is known for its “Paid-to-Click” (PTC) functionality, where users can earn cryptocurrency by viewing advertisements.

Earning methods

> Paid-to-Click (PTC):

> Earning Methods:

> Referral Program:

> Withdrawal Options:


> User Interface:

How to earn money from Coinpayu

Paid-to-Click (PTC): Users can earn cryptocurrency by clicking on and viewing advertisements provided on the platform.

Earning Methods: CoinPayU provides multiple ways for users to earn, including completing surveys, participating in offers, and more.

Referral Program: Users can increase their earnings by referring others to join CoinPayU. Referral programs often provide bonuses or a percentage of the referred user’s earnings.

Withdrawal Options: Users can typically withdraw their earned cryptocurrency once they reach a minimum withdrawal threshold. CoinPayU may offer various withdrawal options such as direct wallet transfers.


User Interface: The platform provides an easy-to-use interface where users can track their earnings, view available advertisements, and manage their accounts.

Why they pay us

Platforms like CoinPayU pay users for engaging with advertisements as part of their business model. Here’s how it generally works:

> Advertisers Pay for Exposure:

Advertisers pay CoinPayU to display their ads to a targeted audience. These advertisers could be businesses, products, or services looking to increase visibility.

> User Engagement:


Users on CoinPayU earn cryptocurrency by actively engaging with these advertisements. This engagement can include clicking on the ads, viewing them for a specified duration, or taking other actions as defined by the platform.

> Revenue Sharing:

The platform shares a portion of the revenue earned from advertisers with the users who view and interact with the ads. This creates an incentive for users to participate in the platform and view the advertisements.

> Traffic and Exposure:

Advertisers benefit from increased exposure and potential customer engagement. Users, in turn, earn cryptocurrency for their time and attention.


> Referral Program:

Platforms often have referral programs where users can earn additional rewards by inviting others to join. This helps in attracting more users to the platform, creating a larger audience for advertisers.

The revenue generated by CoinPayU through advertisements essentially funds the payments made to users. It’s a form of decentralized advertising where users are rewarded for their attention, and advertisers get exposure to a targeted audience.

The specific details of the revenue-sharing model, payment rates, and withdrawal options can vary between different platforms. Users interested in participating in such programs should review the terms of service, payment policies, and user reviews to ensure the legitimacy and transparency of the platform.

How much can i earn from coinpayu


In broad terms, there is no set limit to the earnings achievable with CoinPayU. Your potential income increases with the number of tasks you successfully complete and the quality of your results. Certain individuals have shared experiences of earning as much as $500 per month by engaging in tasks on CoinPayU.

$500 today indian rupee value is 41499.78

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