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What is shrinkme? is a URL shortening service that allows users to shorten long URLs into shorter, more manageable links. The primary purpose of URL shorteners like is to make links more concise and easier to share, particularly on platforms with character limits such as Twitter or in situations where long URLs are aesthetically unappealing.

How does shrinkme work?

Here’s how typically works:

Shortening Links: Users paste a long URL into’s interface, and the service generates a shortened version of the link. This shortened link directs users to the original destination when clicked.

Customization: Some URL shorteners, including, offer customization options that allow users to create custom, branded links with specific keywords or phrases. This feature can enhance branding and make the links more recognizable and trustworthy to users.

Tracking: URL shorteners often provide tracking and analytics features that allow users to monitor the performance of their shortened links. This includes data such as the number of clicks, geographic location of users, referral sources, and more.


Monetization: Some URL shorteners, including, offer monetization options where users can earn money based on the number of clicks their shortened links receive. This typically involves displaying interstitial ads to users before redirecting them to the original destination.

How can I earn money with shrinkme?

To earn money with, you typically follow these steps:

Sign Up: Create an account on the website.

Shorten Links: Start shortening URLs using the tool. You can paste any long URL into the provided field, and will generate a shortened version of the link.

Share Shortened Links: Share the shortened links on your website, social media accounts, forums, blogs, or any other online platforms where you have an audience.


Earn Revenue: Whenever someone clicks on one of your shortened links, they will first view an advertisement or a landing page for a few seconds before being redirected to the original destination. You earn a certain amount of money for each valid click on your links.

Analyze Performance: Monitor the performance of your shortened links using the analytics tools provided by You can track the number of clicks, geographic location of users, referral sources, and other relevant data.

Payouts: Once you’ve reached the minimum payout threshold, you can request a payout of your earnings. typically offers payment options such as PayPal, Payeer, or other popular payment methods.

How much can I earn with shrinkme?

The amount you can earn with, or any URL shortening service, varies depending on several factors:

Geographic Location of Clicks: Advertisers often pay different rates for clicks from different regions. Clicks from regions with higher advertising demand and purchasing power typically earn more.


Quality and Quantity of Traffic: The engagement level of your audience and the volume of clicks on your shortened links can impact your earnings. Higher-quality traffic, such as clicks from users genuinely interested in the advertised content, may yield better results.

Advertising Rates: The rates paid by advertisers for displaying their ads can fluctuate based on market demand, seasonality, and other factors. Advertisers may bid different amounts for ad placements, affecting your earnings per click.

Payout Rates: URL shortening services like typically share a portion of the advertising revenue with users. The specific payout rates can vary between services and may change over time.

Promotion Efforts: Your promotional efforts and the platforms where you share your shortened links can influence your earnings. Building a larger audience and strategically promoting your links on platforms with high engagement can potentially increase your earnings.

Is shrinkme available in India? is available and accessible in India. Users in India can sign up for an account, utilize the URL shortening service, and potentially earn money by sharing shortened links. However, it’s advisable to verify the current availability directly on the website or through the app store for the most up-to-date information. Availability may be subject to change due to various factors, so it’s always a good idea to check for any updates or changes.


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Overall, and similar URL shortening services offer a convenient and efficient way to shorten and manage links for various purposes, including sharing on social media, email marketing, and website optimization. However, users should be aware of potential drawbacks such as the insertion of ads and the need to rely on a third-party service for link management.

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