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What is captcha work and How it works?

Captcha is used to prevent bots as well as other programs of computer for submitting or accessing Web servers and or websites. It can also prevent websites from the spammers. Most of the WebServers and Web sites being benefitted from Captcha. Captcha entry work is concerned. it is a simple typing work.

Daily captcha work

We’re currently looking for typers from around the globe. All you need to have to work with us is a computer with an internet connection and the ability to type at least 10 Words Per Minute. Our schedules are flexible. You can work at any hour that you want and for as long as you please. Earn & get direct into wallets.

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How to earn money from Daily captcha work

  • Register on-site.
  • Start Work.
  • Complete 1000 captchas.
  • Reach your preferred method threshold.
  • Withdraw the available balance.
  • Get Money.

What are the Methods to earn money

There are four methods to earn money from daily captcha work

  • Advertisements : Watch & Complete Ads and earn money
  • Offerwalls & Surveys : Complete Surveys and earn money
  • Captchas : Complete Captchas and earn money
  • Video Ads : Watch Video Ads and earn money

How much can i earn money from Daily captcha work

You can earn unlimited money, all based on your work.


How many rupees do we pay on 1000 captchas?

We pay 115 rupees ( or 1.4$ ) on 1000 captchas.

Daily Captcha Work is available for all countries?

Yes they welcome all the users from any country.

What are the payment methods are available

they accept Paytm, UPI, PayPal, Google Play Gift Card only.

How to withdraw money from Daily captcha work

Go to your account page, Find withdraw page, and apply for payout withdrawal

They will clear all the payments in 2 days. It can take more time if there is an issue with the financial team.


What device required to work

Android phone users with Chrome browser

Windows / Mac pc users with Chrome browser or firefox browser

Tablet / iPhone users with Safari Browser or Chrome browser

How to create a account

Click website link, click signup and enter your required details.

Create and login to your account . Done.


How to work

Login your account, Go to dashboard and click works,

Click any one work and start work.

Website link

Website link click the image
Income Tamizha
Income Tamizha

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