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What is is an online platform that specializes in translation and localization services. It connects businesses and individuals in need of translation services with a global network of freelance translators. Founded in 2008, has established itself as a leading player in the language services industry, offering a range of translation solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of clients worldwide.

The platform leverages a crowdsourced model, allowing translators from around the world to work on projects remotely. offers a wide variety of translation services, including website localization, document translation, app localization, and more. Clients can submit their content through the platform, specify their language requirements, and receive high-quality translations within their desired timeframe. prioritizes efficiency and quality assurance through its robust system of vetting translators, providing feedback mechanisms, and implementing strict quality control measures. This ensures that clients receive accurate and culturally appropriate translations for their content.

Overall, serves as a convenient and reliable solution for businesses and individuals seeking professional translation services, while also offering freelance translators the opportunity to monetize their language skills and work on diverse projects from anywhere in the world.

How does work? operates as an online platform that facilitates the process of translation and localization services. Here’s how it typically works:


Submission of Content: Clients submit their content to through the platform. This content can include a variety of materials such as website pages, documents, marketing materials, software strings, and more.

Selection of Language Pairs and Service Level: Clients specify their desired language pairs (e.g., English to Spanish, Japanese to English) and select the service level they require, which can range from standard to specialized translations.

Assignment to Translators: Once the content is submitted,’s system assigns the translation task to qualified translators from its global network. Translators who are proficient in the specified language pair and meet the project requirements are notified of the available task.

Translation Process: Assigned translators work on the translation project remotely, leveraging their language skills and subject matter expertise to produce accurate and culturally appropriate translations. provides translators with access to translation tools and resources to facilitate the process.

Quality Assurance: Upon completion, translations undergo a quality assurance process to ensure accuracy, consistency, and adherence to client specifications. employs various quality control measures, including editor reviews and feedback mechanisms, to maintain high standards of quality.


Delivery to Clients: Once the translation is verified for quality, delivers the completed work to the client within the specified timeframe. Clients have the opportunity to review the translations and provide feedback if needed.

Payment: Clients are billed for the translation services rendered, and translators receive compensation for their work based on factors such as word count, complexity, and service level. handles the payment process securely and efficiently.

Overall, streamlines the translation process by connecting clients with qualified translators, providing a user-friendly platform for project management, and ensuring quality and timely delivery of translations. This enables businesses and individuals to access professional translation services quickly and efficiently, while also offering freelance translators opportunities to work on diverse projects and earn income remotely.

How can I earn money with

Example calcuation :


Earn 0.06$ per word ( ₹4.97)

One article/blog post at least have 1000 words

1000 words X 0.06USD = 60.00 USD ( ₹4972.16 )


Earning money with involves becoming a part of their global network of freelance translators. Here’s how you can start earning money with


Sign Up: Begin by signing up for a translator account on the website. You’ll need to provide some basic information about your language skills, experience, and expertise.

Language Skills Assessment: may require you to undergo a language skills assessment to evaluate your proficiency in the languages you intend to translate. This assessment typically involves translating sample texts or completing language proficiency tests.

Get Approved: Once your language skills assessment is complete and your application is reviewed, you’ll receive approval to start working as a translator on the platform. vets translators to ensure they meet quality standards and can deliver accurate translations.

Browse and Claim Jobs: As a translator, you’ll have access to a dashboard where you can browse available translation jobs. These jobs will be categorized based on language pairs, subject matter, and service levels. You can select and claim translation tasks that match your skills and interests.

Complete Translation Tasks: Once you claim a translation task, you’ll be required to complete the translation within the specified timeframe and according to the client’s requirements. provides translation tools and resources to assist you in the process.


Quality Assurance: After completing the translation, your work will undergo quality assurance checks by editors or reviewers to ensure accuracy, consistency, and adherence to guidelines. Feedback may be provided to help you improve your skills and maintain quality standards.

Get Paid: Upon successful completion and approval of your translations, you’ll receive compensation for your work. handles the payment process securely and efficiently, typically based on factors such as word count, complexity, and service level.

Build Your Reputation: Consistently delivering high-quality translations and receiving positive feedback from clients can help you build a reputation as a reliable and skilled translator on This may lead to more job opportunities and higher earnings over time.

Overall, earning money with involves leveraging your language skills and expertise to provide professional translation services to clients worldwide, while enjoying the flexibility of remote work and the opportunity to earn income on a per-task basis.

How much can I earn with


Achieving a daily earning of $40 = ₹3314 on Gengo, or any similar translation platform, hinges on several factors including the abundance of translation assignments, your proficiency in the languages, the intricacy of the tasks, and your productivity. Gengo’s payment system is subject to variation, and the quantity of available work may fluctuate over time.

Per month 3000 USD to 6000 USD , which means ₹248607 to ₹497215

Is available in India?

Yes, available globally . Tamil also available.

Website link

Overall, earning money with involves leveraging your language skills and expertise to provide professional translation services to clients worldwide, while enjoying the flexibility of remote work and the opportunity to earn income on a per-task basis.



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