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What is userlytics

Userlytics is a platform that offers user experience testing services to businesses and organizations. It enables companies to gather valuable insights by conducting usability testing, remote user testing, and user research studies.

Through Userlytics, businesses can create tasks or scenarios for participants to complete while interacting with their websites, apps, or prototypes. Participants, in turn, provide feedback through video recordings, audio recordings, written responses, or screen captures, allowing businesses to understand user behavior, preferences, and pain points.

This data helps companies improve their products, optimize user interfaces, and enhance overall user satisfaction.

How to make money from userlytics

To make money from Userlytics, individuals can participate in user testing studies conducted by businesses and organizations. Here’s how you can earn money through Userlytics:

Sign Up:


Register as a participant on the Userlytics platform. Provide necessary information and create a profile.

Qualify for Studies:

Userlytics will match you with available testing opportunities based on your demographic information, interests, and expertise. You may need to complete a screening process to qualify for specific studies.

Participate in Tests:

Once selected for a study, you’ll receive instructions on the tasks or scenarios you need to complete. This may involve interacting with websites, apps, or prototypes while providing feedback.


Complete Tasks:

Follow the provided instructions and complete the assigned tasks accurately. You may need to record your screen, voice, or webcam during the testing process.

Provide Feedback:

Share your thoughts, opinions, and observations about your user experience. Be detailed and constructive in your feedback, highlighting any usability issues, bugs, or areas for improvement.

Get Paid:


Upon successful completion of the study, you’ll receive compensation for your participation. Payments can vary depending on the complexity and duration of the test. Userlytics typically pays via PayPal or other payment methods specified on the platform.

Stay Active:

Keep an eye out for new testing opportunities on the Userlytics platform. Stay active and responsive to increase your chances of being selected for future studies.

By actively participating in user testing studies on Userlytics, you can earn money while helping businesses improve their products and services based on real user feedback and insights.

How much can i earn from user lytics

The amount you can earn from Userlytics varies depending on several factors, including the complexity and duration of the user testing studies you participate in, as well as the specific requirements set by the businesses or organizations conducting the tests. Generally, compensation for user testing studies on Userlytics ranges from $5 to $90 or more per test.


Shorter and simpler tests may offer lower compensation, typically in the range of $5 to $20, while longer and more complex studies may provide higher payouts, ranging from $20 to $90 or more. Some factors that can influence the payment amount include the length of the test, the nature of the tasks involved, the target audience’s demographics, and any additional requirements set by the client.

It’s important to note that while Userlytics offers opportunities to earn money by participating in user testing studies, the frequency and availability of tests may vary. Additionally, your eligibility for specific studies may depend on factors such as your demographic profile, location, and qualifications.

Overall, participating in user testing studies on Userlytics can provide a supplemental income stream, but the exact earnings potential will depend on your level of participation and the opportunities available to you.

With 1 USD being equivalent to 83 INR, the conversion of $5 to $20 to Indian Rupees (INR) would be as follows:

  • $5 USD would be approximately 415 INR (5 * 83).
  • $20 USD would be approximately 1660 INR (20 * 83).

So, $5 to $20 would be approximately 415 INR to 1660 INR.


Why userlytics

Userlytics pays participants for their involvement in user testing studies for several reasons:

User Feedback: Userlytics facilitates user testing studies to gather valuable feedback from real users. By compensating participants, they incentivize individuals to provide detailed and honest feedback on websites, apps, or products.

Quality Assurance: By compensating participants, Userlytics ensures a higher level of participation and engagement in the testing process. This leads to more accurate and insightful feedback, which is crucial for businesses and organizations to improve their products.

Time and Effort: Participating in user testing studies requires time and effort from individuals. Offering compensation acknowledges and appreciates the time and effort participants invest in completing tasks, providing feedback, and contributing to the improvement of products.

Motivation: Monetary compensation serves as a motivation for individuals to actively participate in user testing studies. It encourages users to perform tasks diligently, provide thoughtful feedback, and remain engaged throughout the testing process.


Overall, Userlytics pays participants to ensure the quality, reliability, and effectiveness of their user testing studies while providing individuals with an opportunity to earn money for their valuable feedback and contributions.

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